Debbie Rodriguez, 'S' dressage judge, 'r' eventing judge, USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist. Available for clinics, lessons and judging.

The 70% Club


A dedication to those riders and their mounts who achieve 70.00% or better.


 Allison Gulliam & Tito                                                         Amanda Harper & Summer


Nicole Smith & Descartes                                                    Kaylee Huie & Haddie


Amanda Harper & Perfect Timing                                  Bonnie Gruber & Fabulous Fritz


William Lemon & Jazz                                                         Kerri Leoni & Weltwist


Amanda Wylle & Mason                                                      Candy Hamilton & Spice


Bonnie Gruber & Kendall                                                    Sally Mankel & Dancer


Kerri Leoni & Ania                                                                 Lisa Langenhennig & Descartes


Debbie Howard & Cool Dollar Bill                                  Noelle Braun & FFC Beatrix


Laura Specter & Dusty Rose                                              Sally Colocho & Pacino




Debbie Rodriguez & Donauwaltzer


Debbie Rodriguez & Ivanhoe


Debbie Rodriguez & Baron von Gehrde


Debbie Rodriguez & Fargoh



Debbie Rodriguez      Williamsburg VA

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